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Wenomechainsama Meme, Lyrics, and the Canine »

On this article, we defined every part you should know in regards to the Wenomechainsama meme, the lyrics, and the canine.

Wenomechainsama Meme, Lyrics, and the Dog

The Wenomechainsama meme additionally known as “After I Met You In The Summer time” dance has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok. It first trended in 2021, then continued to development in 2022.

If you’re an avid person of TikTok, you have to have come throughout the meme. This meme is all a couple of canine with speech bubbles. It was discovered singing to the lyrics of the “After I Met You In The Summer time” music by Calvin Harris.

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The lyrics of the music have been misspelt terribly by many customers. That is why it’s made right into a meme simply to taunt folks who can’t sing the unique lyrics accurately.

Beneath, we now have defined the Wenomechainsama meme, lyrics and the canine.


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♬ suono originale – 18(,)30

Wenomechainsama meme

Wenomechainsama is the meme of a canine singing. It sang the music “After I Met You In The Summer time” by Calvin Harris. Nevertheless, it misspelt the lyrics for mockery.

Initially, in 2021, the meme was of a guinea pig singing, not a canine. The video of the guinea pig singing the music was posted by a TikToker with the caption, “Me pregunto que me dirias si pudieras hablar” in Spanish which suggests “I’m wondering what you’ll inform me in case you might speak” within the English language.

The impact of this meme was additionally utilized by many TikTok customers in 2022 however with some edits already made. Now, slightly than a guinea pig, it makes use of different animals like a canine, Caracal and a child.

What does Wenomechainsama imply?

Wenomechainsama means “After I Met You In The Summer time”, a music initially made by Calvin Harris. The singer was a Scottish DJ, additionally a document producer and songwriter.

The Wenomechainsama meme has the misspelt lyrics of the music. It has a personality singing the music expressively by speech bubbles.

A low-quality picture is used to signify the character, which is a guinea pig or canine. The meme belongs to the “Misheard Lyrics” or “Phonetic Translations” class and it both comprises slideshows or animations of the music transcriptions.

Wenomechainsama Meme, Lyrics, and the Dog

Wenomechainsama lyrics and copypasta









wenomechainsama (sama,sama,sama,sama)

wenomechainsama (Sama)

Tumajarbisaun (Ye, ye)

Wifenlooof (Looof)

Eselifterbraun (Ye, ye)


Aslonskysrblu (Ye, ye)


Buchyulaidsosun (Ye, ye)

wenomechainsama (sama,sama,sama,sama)


wenomechainsama (Sama)

(Ye, ye)


(Ye, ye)

Sama (Sama)

(Ye, ye)


(Ye, ye)

The Wenomechainsama canine

Jack Russell Terrier is the Wenomechainsama’s canine breed. The breed is pleasant, full of life and curious. They’re principally the breed used for fox hunts.

The picture of the canine used within the Wenomechainsama meme has low high quality. Nevertheless, canine are usually not the one animals proven within the meme.

Different animals like a guinea pig and Caracal, are additionally used within the meme. A Caracal is a wild cat normally of a medium dimension. It’s present in Africa.


Now we have defined every part you must know in regards to the Wenomechainsama meme, the lyrics, and the canine.

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Wenomechainsama Meme, Lyrics, and the Dog

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