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High 40 Pink Hex Codes for Ardour and Pleasure

Want a pink hex colour code or RGB worth?

Listed here are 40 fiery reds, so yow will discover that good pink shade.

The desk comprises colour swatches to visualise the pink values. These are adopted by the colour identify, hex code, and RGB colour code.

Plus there’s a useful colour chart you’ll be able to pin to Pinterest.

Let’s get riled up with pink!

Pure Pink Coloration Code

Pink is among the three main colours, which within the RGB colour mannequin are pink, inexperienced, and blue.

The RGB system is utilized by any kind of show monitor – pc, TV, cellular system – which employs pink, inexperienced, and blue mild to create all the colours the human eye can see.

Pure pink, or pink 1, is among the internet protected colours. This shiny pink colour code is represented by the #FF0000 colour hex. Which means that pink mild is totally on, and inexperienced and blue mild are fully off.

In an analogous sense, the RGB numbers are 255, 0, 0. All pink, no inexperienced, no blue.

Pure pink, aka pink 1, colour swatch:

Shades of Pink

Shade means the pure colour with black added. These will likely be darkish pink.

Listed here are 9 pink shades between the pink 1 hexadecimal quantity by to pure black.

#ff0000 #e50000 #cc0000 #b20000 #990000 #7f0000 #660000 #4c0000 #330000 #190000 #000000

Tints of Pink

Tint refers to a colour with white added. Pink tints embody mild pink, pastel pink, and your pink colours.

Beneath we are going to run from the hexadecimal code for pink 1 (most pink) by to pure white colour.

#ff0000 #ff1919 #ff3232 #ff4c4c #ff6666 #ff7f7f #ff9999 #ffb2b2 #ffcccc #ffe5e5 #ffffff

Pink Coloration Codes

Since pink is a well-liked selection, there are numerous extra reds!

Try the precise colours within the swatches, then the colour numbers.

The best approach to seize these in your internet web page or design tasks is to repeat the hexadecimal numbers and paste it in the place you want it.

Coloration Coloration Identify Hex (RGB)
Pink #D30000 (211, 0, 0)
Salmon #FA8072 (250, 128, 114)
Scarlet #FF2400 (255, 36, 0)
Barn Pink #7C0A02 (124, 10, 2)
Imperial Pink #ED2939 (237, 41, 57)
Indian Pink #CD5C5C (205, 92, 92)
Chili Pink #C21807 (194, 24, 7)
Fireplace Brick #B22222 (178, 34, 34)
Maroon #800000 (128, 0, 0)
Redwood #A45A52 (164, 90, 82)
Raspberry #D21F3C (210, 31, 60)
Sweet Apple Pink #FF0800 (255, 8, 0)
Ferrari Pink #FF2800 (255, 40, 0)
Persian Pink #CA3433 (202, 52, 51)
U.S. Flag #BF0A30 (191, 10, 48)
Carmine #960019 (150, 0, 25)
Burgundy #8D021F (141, 2, 31)
Crimson Pink #B80F0A (184, 15, 10)
Sangria #5E1914 (94, 25, 20)
Mahogany #420D09 (66, 13, 9)

Yow will discover extra pink colour names on our colour thesaurus.

Rousing Reds: Conclusion

Pink is a dynamic colour, with many tones, shades, and tints.

Contemplating pink in your branding? Choose the best one with this assistance on selecting enterprise colours.

You may as well be taught extra about what it means if pink is your favourite colour.

There’s a superb probability you discovered precisely what you want above, however when you want extra comparable shades I can add these later:

  • Blood Pink
  • Venetian Pink
  • Tuscan Pink
  • Fireplace Engine Pink
  • Rusty Pink
  • Ruby Pink
  • Cadmium Pink

Let me know when you want extra reds in a remark.

Pin the chart beneath to Pinterest, and purchase your personal at

A stunning complement to pink is blue. Try this text on blue values.

To be taught extra in regards to the colour pink, take a look at the pink colour that means.

color chart with tints, tones, and shades of red plus color names and hex codes.

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